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Empowering Through Education | Be A Catalyst

Systemic issues cannot be solved through programs or policies that do not have an educational component as well. Education, access, and social capital have historically benefited a portion of our society. Simultaneously, limiting access to them has been used to oppress the Other. Quinn Law Group’s educational programs are designed to close the gap and level the playing field so that women, BIPOC communities, the disabled and historically oppressed become aware of their rights, opportunities, and how the law can be used to protect them. 


Educational Programs

  • BIPOC Business Course

  • Veteran Business Course

  • Disabled Business Course

  • #MeToo in the Workplace Course

  • Know Your Rights Course 

About Don Quinn
Don Quinn, the founder of Quinn Law Group, is a catalyst for change. A firm believer in the power of education, Quinn seeks to educate and inform, to raise up individuals and communities through change-making programs and policies. With an emphasis on addressing systemic issues, Quinn understands the need to address the root cause of challenges. By identifying and addressing it through legal, educational or policy changes, he is creating change that will impact future generations.

The child of a single mom and a minority, Don intimately understands what it’s like to grapple with systemic racism and institutions designed to limit upward mobility and access to equal justice. As a combat veteran, he has witnessed the VA’s unequal treatment of disabled veterans and is actively representing veterans in their fight to access earned benefits. When running for office in 2014, Don realized that many of the systemic issues we face cannot be changed without tackling them on the legal and policy side simultaneously. Inspired, he graduated from law school, takes civil rights cases and works with individuals and businesses seeking equal justice. Knowing the power of education and wanting to create change by empowering others, Don continued his education at Harvard, earning a teaching certificate and being trained on curriculum development – something that has resulted in the educational programs he teaches in communities today.

Don Quinn is a catalyst for change and he’s calling you to join him. If you want to bring change to your community or need Don’s help with social justice and civil rights causes, reach out and connect.

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