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Speak with a Baltimore Sexual Harassment Lawyer at Quinn Patton

If you have been sexually harassed at work, you need the help of a sexual harassment attorney.


As a Baltimore sexual harassment attorneys, Don Quinn and Kat Patton can:

  • Negotiate a settlement on your behalf

  • File an EEOC claim

  • File a lawsuit

  • Take steps to protect you legally

  • Protect you in the event that you are retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment

Quinn Patton, formerly the Quinn Law Group, is an affordable sexual harassment law firm and easy to work with. Learn more about our sexual harassment attorneys here.

Free consultations with a DC/Maryland sexual harassment and employment lawyer are available by calling 443-247-5444. During a consultation we will review the facts of what happened, let you know if you have a legal case, and what possible strategies would be to resolve the issue. Call for a no-pressure phone consultation.


Employment Lawyer: EEOC Lawyer Maryland/D.C.

If you were sexually harassed you may need to file a claim with the EEOC. This process can take time and involves an investigation. As a Baltimore sexual harassment attorney can help with this entire process. If you are given a right to sue letter by the EEOC Quinn Patton can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Call to speak with a sexual harassment attorney in Severna Park or the District, or schedule an appointment online.

Additional employment lawyer services include:

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