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Employment Law: Speak with a Maryland/DC Employment Lawyer 

Quinn Patton, formerly the Quinn Law Group, represents workers who have been discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, assaulted or hurt at work, in the midst of pay negotiations or disputes, have a COVID-19-related dispute, were retaliated against, or have other challenges at work that can be resolved through legal representation.

Those who need an affordable employment lawyer who is results-driven will find Quinn Patton (the Quinn Law Group) to be attentive and easy to work with. 

Low cost consultations with a DC/Maryland employment lawyer are available by calling 443-247-5444. During a consultation, we will review the facts of what happened, let you know if you have a legal case, and what possible strategies would be to resolve the issue. Call for a no-pressure phone consultation.

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Employment Lawyer: EEOC Lawyer Maryland/D.C.

For individuals the goal is to find out if your rights have been violated and working with you, and often the employer, to find an equitable solution that restores your rights and ensures that you are compensated (again if a lawsuit is the option then we can take that on). If you have been, or suspect you have been, the victim of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, ageist practices, or wrongful termination you want someone who can examine the merits of the case, help you find the best way forward to achieve your goals, and becomes a partner that sees your case through its conclusion.

Employment Lawyer for Businesses in Washington D.C. & Maryland

For our businesses and corporations, the goal is to help provide guidance and answer complex legal questions in a way that prevents running afoul of the law and having to defend the corporation in court (which we also do). From hiring of an employee through the lifecycle of their employment with you and ultimately to retirement, leaving, or termination we become the legal counselor that you need to smoothly operate your business without worrying about violating or even getting close to violating the law. 


At Quinn Patton we understand that employment law can be stressful which is why we know that most businesses, regardless of their size could use inside/outside counsel to guide them and that most individuals who have been discriminated against are in need of an attorney that will fight for their rights. Quinn works to help clients achieve their objectives by ensuring that you understand the law, creating a strategic plan to help you achieve your objectives, and providing the legal services necessary when situations require more than just negotiating. If you need an employment lawyer in Maryland or Washington DC, schedule a FREE consultation.

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