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Mediation | ADR

Mediation law is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or a way in which parties can meet and attempt to reach a resolution, with the help of a neutral third party (the mediator). Typically, parties decide to try mediation in order to avoid the expense and time commitment of a trial. In many cases, courts will order parties to try and resolve their differences in mediation. The purpose of mediation, in both cases, is to put the parties in a room where they have the opportunity to discuss, negotiate, and possibly come to a resolution. Parties are encouraged to have their own independent legal counsel when attending a mediation. This is where Quinn Patton comes in. We offer no-cost phone consultations where we can discuss your case and upcoming mediation. Call 443-247-5444 to schedule a call.


We are committed to achieving the best results for our clients. When facing a mediation, a client needs to be represented by legal counsel who can advise you on the law and any legal consequences of reaching an agreement or not reaching an agreement. Attorneys are often skilled negotiators who can make legal and factual arguments on your behalf to help persuade the other side to move towards a solution that you find more equitable. Since nearly every kind of case can be mediated and can save both sides significant amounts of money, mediation is growing in popularity and the demand for mediation is also increasing. 


Quinn Patton also provides services as a mediator for parties who are looking at resolving their disputes without going to court or those who have been ordered to do so by a judge. A trained mediator can help facilitate the conversation, smooth over misunderstandings, and help the parties reach their own decisions. While mediation itself is not binding on the parties, the parties can agree to be bound by any agreement and the mediator will help facilitate this agreement – including drafting it based on the parties' verbal and written covenants. 


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