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EEOC Lawyer: Speak with a Baltimore EEOC Attorney

Hire a Baltimore EEOC attorney if you have been discriminated against at work. An EEOC lawyer can file a claim with the EEOC or with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights or the District of Columbia Commission on Civil Rights. 

An EEOC lawyer can also file a lawsuit on your behalf after a "right to sue" letter has been issued by the EEOC.

Why Hire an EEOC Lawyer

You need to move quickly if you have been discriminated against. There are tight deadlines to file your initial claim with the EEOC. If you miss that deadline, you could forfeit your rights. 

A Baltimore EEOC lawyer can also help during the investigation phase. An investigator will ask you questions that you may not know how to respond to. If you hire Don Quinn to represent you, he will prepare you for each step in the process so you can be confident in your responses.

If the EEOC has issued you a "right to sue" letter you need to speak with a Maryland EEOC lawyer ASAP. You only have 90 days to file a lawsuit and it takes time to prepare. If you miss your deadline you will lose your right to sue.

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Employment Lawyer: EEOC Lawyer Maryland/D.C.

For individuals the goal is to find out if your rights have been violated and working with you, and often the employer, to find an equitable solution that restores your rights and ensures that you are compensated (again if a lawsuit is the option then we can take that on). If you have been, or suspect you have been, the victim of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, ageist practices, or wrongful termination you want someone who can examine the merits of the case, help you find the best way forward to achieve your goals, and becomes a partner that sees your case through its conclusion.