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Veterans Law: Speak with a Lawyer & Veteran

If you are a veteran who needs medical benefits or is seeking VA benefits, schedule a FREE case evaluation or schedule a consultation. 

Working with a VA attorney will make the process of applying for benefits easier. Plus, it means you will have an attorney to help with your VA appeal when they either deny your VA benefits claim or assign you a disability rating that is lower than you deserve.

You pay nothing unless you win.


Why Hire VA Disability Attorney Don Quinn

  • Don Quinn is a fellow veteran (Army)

  • He has a proven record of success

  • He understands the process intimately and knows how to increase your disability rating

  • He is admitted to practice in front of the appeals court (only lawyers can be so civilian volunteers can't take your case through the full appeal process)

  • It won't cost you anything unless you win

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What Can We Help You With?

  • Veterans Disability Claims (nationwide)

  • Appeal a Disability Ruling (nationwide)

  • Increase Veterans Benefits (nationwide)

  • UMCJ Lawyer (MD/DC only)

  • AWOL Lawyer (MD/DC only)

  • Court Martial Lawyer (MD/DC only)

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