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Get Help from a Disability Lawyer 

If you are partially or completely disabled and this is preventing you from doing normal daily activities like going to work, doing chores, going to school or even sleeping, you may qualify for disability benefits. 

Don Quinn can file a disability claim on your behalf, or appeal the decision if you have been denied. 

There are NO FEES up front so you Pay Nothing unless You Win!

Social Security Disability

As a disability lawyer, Don Quinn can file a social security disability benefits claim on your behalf. The process can be complicated and involves specific forms and medical records. By handling the process for you, the Quinn Law Group will make sure that everything is in place for a complete submission.

Approximately 35% of social security disability claims are approved the first time. When a case is denied there is an appeal process that a social security disability lawyer can take to turn a denied claim into an approved claim for benefits. 

If you hire Don Quinn, you don't pay anything when you file for social security benefits or when you appeal your SSDI case. You only pay when you win and that comes out of your back pay so you are never out of pocket any money. Call to get started!

Veteran Disability Benefits

Attorney Don Quinn is a combat veteran who fights to help other veterans receive the VA benefits they deserve. You served your country. Now it's time for the U.S. Government to take care of you. 

Unfortunately, most VA benefits claims are denied the first time. Even those that are approved are typically approved at a low rating. This can make it hard for veterans to receive full medical benefits or the monthly compensation they need to survive.

As a VA disability and benefits lawyer, Don Quinn will take your case and not charge any upfront fees. The benefit to hiring a VA lawyer is that he can appeal your case if denied and has a proven record of success. Call to get started!

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