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Reviewing Legal Agreement

Business Law | Corporate Law

Quinn Patton, formerly the Quinn Law Group, provides affordable legal services to businesses based in Maryland and Washington D.C. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs and how we can help.


Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow or transition towards retirement appreciate the strategic, comprehensive and affordable legal representation our firm provides. Call 443-247-5444 for a free business legal consultation.


Legal Defense

Have you received a demand letter or been sued? We can respond & negotiate on your behalf.

HR Services

Prevent future lawsuits by making sure your policies & practices meet current legal requirements.


Protect your business future by signing the right contract today. We offer employment & business contract services.


We have sued some of the biggest organizations in the world. Hire us to file or defend a lawsuit in state or federal court.

Coffee Shop Owner
Local Family Business

Professional Private Powerful Legal Assistance

All businesses need an attorney at some point in their existence. Small businesses and mid-sized companies often find themselves faced with complex issues that have potential legal ramifications and need the advice of a trusted counselor. Most don’t want or cannot afford large law firm costs, which is where Quinn Patton comes in. 


From sole proprietorships to large corporations, Quinn Patton helps clients with their most complex corporate questions and legal matters. Offering services that span from the beginning of the business, when an entrepreneur has a germ of an idea, to retirement and succession planning, as successful partners look to the next chapter of their life, Quinn comes alongside clients to advise them on issues critical to business success. Contracts, employment and employee relationships, growth and investment, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and routine everyday challenges could use a legal hand. These are the services clients look to Quinn to provide. 


As a small business owner and executive, Managing Partner, Don Quinn, understands the complexities and challenges of the business world and is well familiar with both the reluctance to hire legal counsel and the absolute necessity to do so. Drawing on this wealth of experience and pairing it with legal solutions, Quinn works to help clients achieve their business objectives by handling complex legal challenges. 

Additional legal services include:

Reaching a Deal
Plastic Roll in Factory
Prenatal Yoga Lesson
Store Front

Business Legal Services

  • Defend a Lawsuit

  • Advice (In-house Outside Counsel) 

  • Contracts and Contract Negotiations 

  • Due Diligence 

  • Growth 

  • Human Resources

  • Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • Start-ups 

  • Succession Planning 

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