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Business Lawyer Near Severna Park Offering Free Consultations

If you’re looking for a business lawyer near Severna Park, who also offers free consultations, call the Quinn Law Group. Attorney Don Quinn is also a small business owner, so he understands the importance of being able to ask questions and make timely decisions.

“Things happen quickly when you’re running a business. A customer may call with a complaint, an employee may need to be written up, a lease signed, etc. These things happen in daily business but typically require a fast response time. Waiting two or three weeks to speak with a business attorney near you may not be viable,” said Quinn. “That’s why we offer same-week appointments and free consultations. We make it easy for business owners to get the information they need as quickly as possible.”

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Business Lawyer Near Severna Park

You can schedule a free consultation with the Quinn Law Group here. Initial consultations typically take place over the phone. By offering them virtually, we can get to you faster and there isn’t a charge.

In-person consultations are also available upon request in one of our two offices - Severna Park (Anne Arundel County) and the District. But there may be a cost for an in-person consultation.

How a Business Lawyer in Severna Park Can Help You

As a business lawyer in Maryland and the District, Don Quinn can help your business with the following legal issues:

#1 Litigation

Quinn is licensed to practice law in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Washington State. He is admitted to state and federal courts and has litigated cases against private companies and government organizations such as the City of Baltimore, the United States Air Force, and the Department of Defense.

#2 Mediation

Litigation can often be prevented by going to mediation and attempting to resolve the issue outside of court.

#3 Negotiations

Negotiating contracts before they are signed is one way to prevent unnecessary confusion and future conflict that needs to be mediated or litigated. That’s why business owners will have a business attorney review lease agreements, employment agreements, and contractor and vendor agreements prior to signing them.

#4 Employment law

Don Quinn’s extensive employment law experience can help business owners to make sound legal decisions during the hiring and firing processes.

#5 Mergers and acquisitions

Buying a company or merging with a competitor? Working with a Severna Park business attorney can help to protect your interests now and in the future. How the deal is crafted can make a significant financial impact on the future of the business (and your own net worth) so consider seeking legal advice prior to completing the purchase or merger.

#6 Business formation

Entrepreneurs who are ready to launch a company can work with a Severna Park business lawyer to ensure that the company is formed properly and that the initial agreements offer the necessary legal protections. Even contractors should consider forming an official business instead of receiving payment directly from companies, as a protective measure.

Speak with a Business Lawyer in Severna Park Today

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Speak with a business lawyer in Severna Park


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