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How a “Contract Lawyer Near Me” Can Protect Your Business

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you’re searching for a “Contract Lawyer Near Me” and live in Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, the District, or anywhere in Maryland - the Quinn Law Group is ready to assist you. We work with startups and mid-sized companies, protecting their interests by preventing complications that can put businesses at risk for financial and legal problems. Free consultations are available, so book an appointment to discuss your business needs.

Ways a “Contract Lawyer Near Me” Can Protect Your Business

Here’s how a contract lawyer near you can protect your business.

#1 Protect you financially (make sure you get paid).

A contract lawyer can write your business contracts in a way that specifies when and how you will get paid. While this may sound obvious it’s common for business owners to list out the price of service but not when or how they will get paid and what the terms are. This can lead to services being performed and payment undelivered.

Protecting your business financially involves including language in the contract about what happens if someone doesn’t pay you. What is your recourse? What steps are you legally allowed to take? If your contract doesn’t specify, the resulting legal battle could be more costly than it’s worth. With the right business contract you will have affordable and logical steps available to you to ensure timely payments are made.

#2 Ensure your ownership (of the company and work product).

The first and most important contract you ever write is with your own business. The business formation documents, operating agreements, etc. are critical for determining ownership and your rights as an owner. If you are partnering with anyone, it is important to hire an attorney to protect your ownership interests long-term. There are too many horror stories of founders being kicked out of their own businesses due to poor operating agreements.

The other aspect of ownership involves your work product. If you provide a service to a customer, who owns the work product or the process used to create it? If you hire a contractor to work on something, who owns their work product or the process used to create it? If you’re licensing something this can become even more complicated. Clarity in your business contracts is critical to protect your business long-term.

#3 Shift liability away from you (don’t sign anything that makes you fully liable!).

As business attorneys, we review a lot of contracts. In some cases, all of the liability is put onto one party within the contract. This can mean that one party is responsible, while the other can walk away. Or, that one party will have to pay all legal fees, while the other pays none. Never sign a contract without evaluating your liability and ensuring that it is spread out equally, at least.

A Severna Park contract attorney can review contracts before you sign them and request changes to language that puts you in a poor legal position. This includes reviewing lease agreements prior to you signing them.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a “Contract Lawyer Near Me”

The Quinn Law Group makes it easy to get help for your business. Simply schedule a free legal consultation to speak with a contract lawyer today. During that consultation, an attorney can advise you on the best course of action because this is a blog, and blog posts don’t constitute legal advice. They are for your information only.

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