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Our Attorneys: Quinn Patton | Quinn Law Group

Attorneys at Quinn Patton, formerly the Quinn Law Group, provide dedicated advocacy for clients in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Washington State. Click here to request a consultation or call 443-247-5444 or 202-508-3644 to schedule an appointment.

Don Quinn 
Managing Partner

Don is a graduate of Harvard University, the University of Missouri, and Washington State University. He has 20 years of business leadership experience, is a combat veteran and 32nd Degree Mason. His favorite part of being a lawyer is going to trial and representing clients in cases against some of the most prominent organizations in the world. A true litigator, Don is a fierce advocate for his clients and a fierce defender of their civil rights.

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Kat is the former Chief of Staff to Senator Kagan. She is a graduate of Baltimore Law School and the University of Maryland. She has over a decade of policy and legislative experience in addition to having worked as a real estate attorney. Her favorite part of being a lawyer is helping clients to develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the law and government agencies.

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Chris Haake Associate 

Chris Haake is an Associate Attorney with the Quinn Law Group. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and Georgetown University Law Center. Practicing since 2015, Chris worked for a federal judge and in private practice with a focus on state and federal litigation, particularly pre-trial motions and witness preparation. His favorite part of being a lawyer is helping people with significant or difficult issues in their lives to reach a resolution.

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Nana Acheampong

Nana is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law. She has over 10-years of legal experience and has practice law in two continents. Her favorite part of being a lawyer is standing up for clients as they face discrimination or retaliation in the workplace. She primarily represents federal employees.

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