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Our Attorneys: Quinn Law Group

Attorneys at the Quinn Law Group provide dedicated advocacy for clients in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Washington State. Click here to request a consultation

Don Quinn 
Managing Partner

Don is a graduate of Harvard University, the University of Missouri, and Washington State University. He has 20 years of business leadership experience and is a combat veteran. His favorite part of being a lawyer is going to trial and representing clients in cases against some of the most prominent organizations in the world.

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Alexus Viegas


Alexus is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and American University. Her 14-year legal career includes private practice and working for the Maryland General Assembly and Maryland Legal Aid. Her favorite part of being a lawyer is being able to advocate for the rights of people who would not otherwise have a voice. "I believe in the Jaycee’s Creed ‘service to humanity is the best work of life

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Kimberly Turco


Kim is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and Towson University. She has 14-years of  legal experience with a focus on business law and compliance. Her favorite part of being a lawyer is breaking down complex issues and developing a winning legal strategy.

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Nana Acheampong

Nana is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law. She has over 10-years of legal experience and has practice law in two continents. Her favorite part of being a lawyer is standing up for clients as they face discrimination or retaliation in the workplace. She primarily represents federal employees.

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