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Family Law | Divorce Lawyer 
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Family law cases can be incredibly confusing and emotionally stressful. For most people the end of a marital relationship comes with significant emotional turmoil and legal conflict. These are enhanced when there are children involved or the couple has a property that needs to be divided. Understanding the law and your legal rights is critical to receiving a fair and equitable settlement of assets and protecting your legal rights with regard to your children. The introduction of a family law attorney can bring peace of mind by allowing the attorney to deal with the legal aspects while you address the emotional and family turbulence.


When you hire the Quinn Law Group as your family lawyer, you will have an attorney who communicates regularly, has transparent and affordable billing practices and will fight hard to protect your rights and your future.

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How a Family Lawyer Can
Help You

  • Adoption

  • Alimony

  • Annulment

  • Child Custody & Visitation 

  • Child Support

  • Divorce 

  • Mutual Consent Divorce 

  • Restraining Orders (Domestic Violence)

  • Visitation

Affordable Divorce Lawyer in Maryland. Affordable Divorce Lawyer in D.C.

Family law is a body of law that deals with what happens after a relationship is ended. It provides for legal division of property, the end of the marriage, custody and visitation, and financial matters such as child support and alimony. Every state has a comprehensive set of laws in place that guide a court in reaching its decisions. These laws are often complex and extremely nuanced, making it critical to have an attorney who understands the law and knows how to navigate the court system but also can provide you with and understanding of what is happening and why. There are important deadlines that must be met and certain aspects of the law that may seem strange, which is why it is vital that people going through a divorce or separation engage an attorney. 


At Quinn, our goal is to focus on the legal aspects of family law and to help you reach an equitable solution where you get as much of what you want as possible. We also know that often times it is better to reach an agreement with the other side before having to go to court and strive to find that place of agreement (though we are equipped and always ready to take a matter before the judge). We believe that many couples could save time, heartbreak, and money by reaching resolution before having to go to court – however, in matters where children are involved, there has been or is ongoing abuse, or the parties cannot agree on division of property and finances, Quinn will take the case to court and fight for your rights. 

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