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Real Estate Law:
Speak with a Maryland/DC landlord/tenant lawyer

The Quinn Law Group provides comprehensive and strategic legal services for property owners, tenants and property management companies. We work to protect our clients interests, both during contract negotiations and afterwards.


Real Estate law is a body of law that often involves a complex set of legal principles and activities that are centered around real estate transactions. For many, particularly sophisticated investors and those engaged in commercial real estate transactions, it is critical to understand the laws, rules, and nuances involved in sales, titling, land and environmental use, leasing and financing, and more. We make it easier for our clients to understand the complexities of real estate law and to make sound decisions based on that understanding.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about real estate law, your options and rights.


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Real Estate Legal Services

  • Contracts 

  • Construction Agreements 

  • Contractors 

  • Joint Ventures 

  • Sales and Acquisitions 

  • Title 

  • Restructuring and Workouts 

  • Rental Agreements (Landlord and Tenants) 

For most people buying a house is often as simple as putting their trust in a realtor or broker who does all the paperwork, and the buyers sign the documents which the sellers also sign. When things go wrong people realize the importance of having a comprehensive contract with all the necessary language to protect their interest and often it is too late. Individuals involved in purchasing and selling homes are advised to have counsel who can go over the nuances of each agreement and help to craft, negotiate, and defend a real estate agreement that helps meet your real estate goals. 


Whether you are involved in a sale or acquisition, seeking to quiet title, want to ensure environmental compliance, or are seeking development (among many other types of real estate transactions), Quinn will come along side you to ensure that all the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted. Working collaboratively is in the firm’s DNA which is why Quinn will be with you from the first negotiations to the final closing and ready to go to court on your behalf should something go wrong. At Quinn our goal is to help you achieve your ultimate objectives. 

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