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Wills & Trusts
Speak with a Maryland/DC estate lawyer

Creating a will or trust is an important step in protecting everything that our clients have spent a lifetime building. Those who die without a will (intestate) don't have the option of choosing who receives their assets or how they are distributed. In that case, the court decides. Not having a will is also dangerous for anyone with children. Not designating who would have custody or having the legal parameters in place for how assets will be spent on the child or kept for them in trust, leaves everything up in the air - something that could negatively impact the child.  Even those with adult children should be aware that dying without a will can create significant family conflict during a time of intense grief. Creating a will or trust is one way to protect loved ones from potentially difficult situations.  

Taxes are another consideration. Creating a trust, for example, can result in tax benefits. 

Each situation is different, making it important to speak with a wills and trusts lawyer (estate lawyer) in Maryland or DC. If you do not have a will, want to create a trust or having legal questions, call us. 


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