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The Right Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights and Your Interests

Quinn Law Group, is primarily a business and employment law firm that specializes in employment disputes, contracts, business ventures and growth, and succession planning. Discretion is our business.

Since founding member Don Quinn established Quinn in 2021, it has been involved with cases that define and redefine the structures of employment. When it comes to matters involving employee rights, and the corresponding employer’s rights, in employment disputes, whether localized within the organization, when litigating the matter before administrative bodies (the EEOC, MCCR, or DCOHR) or taking cases to the Courts chances are that Quinn has represented parties on all sides of the dispute. The same is true when it comes to forming partnerships, writing legally sound contracts, and planning for succession and the next stages of business development.  We pride ourselves on our ability to problem solve reaching amicable solutions and when that fails, we are a firm born in the fires of fierce litigation to zealously protect our clients’ rights. 

Zealous Advocacy From a seasoned Employment and Business Attorney


We have been privileged to represent clients in courts across Maryland, in Washington D.C., in the Federal District Courts of both Maryland and the District of Columbia and in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in addition to hearings before numerous administrative bodies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Maryland Commission for Civil Rights.

Don adopted the phrase "all business is personal" because after decades in business, he understands that when you have a dispute concerning employment, or contracts, or invoicing there is more at stake than just that dispute. This is why Don prides himself on finding solutions, discrete problem solving, and zealous advocacy when necessary. 


Collaboration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Picking a legal fight is easy, finishing one takes determination, dedication, and discipline. We have all of those. We also have the understanding that many issues can be resolved with communication and understanding what each side needs to resolve the issue, and then collaborating to make the possible real. 


We prefer collaboration and work with defendants, defendant’s counsel, plaintiffs, and plaintiff’s counsel from all walks of life to find out what it will take to resolve issues before the expense and time of a trial – and if possible, coming to the table to get those resolutions. Collaborating and compromising is not the same as losing, so when the ask becomes too much, Quinn is equipped and ready to take the next steps in litigation. 

Diversity and Inclusion for Business

​At Quinn we are fiercely dedicated to the concept of diversity and inclusion, believing that it is more than just a concept, but it is a way of being. Our extensive exposure to litigation based on DEI failures, that become violations of Title VII, Title IX, the American’s with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and others has led us to proactively partner with Firms, HR Partners, Human Resources Departments, Non-Profits, and Corporations to address DEI in a way that avoids costly law suits, building an inclusive culture based on a systematic approach that attracts, retains, and encourages diversity. 

Client Testimonials

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Don Quinn quickly and efficiently helped me settle my case bringing me closure to a really stressful situation. Every step was made easy.

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"We won my case and I couldn't be any happier. Don didn't back down until we got a resolution. Would definitely work with him and his group again if needed.

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James Spearman

"Most of the other law firms were more concerned about their fees rather than helping me as a person! I will always be grateful to the Quinn Law Group." 

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Mr. Quinn helped me every step of the way to settle a reasonable accommodation case with my agency. Never backing down and always offering words of support when needed. He was armed and ready for all strategies they attempted to use. HIGHLY recommend Mr. Quinn. He's worth every penny!

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