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The Quinn Law Group Announces New Partnership & Change to Quinn Patton

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Baltimore, MD., November 22, 2023 – The Quinn Law Group, an employment law firm representing clients in Maryland and the District of Columbia, is announcing a new partnership between founder Don Quinn and attorney Katherine (Kat) Costain Patton. The firm’s name is being changed to ‘Quinn Patton’ in recognition of the partnership and the firm’s expansion into offering HR Legal Services, in addition to litigation and EEOC representation.

“Kat has done tremendous work representing our clients in employment matters. With over a decade of experience working with the Maryland State Legislature, her insight into regulatory and legislative policies is of tremendous value to our business clients. Through this partnership, she will lead Quinn Patton’s new HR Legal Services division, helping businesses stay in compliance and prevent the discriminatory practices that cause employers to be sued in the first place,” said Don Quinn, Managing Partner.

Prior to joining the Quinn Law Group, Kat was Chief of Staff for State Senator Cheryl Kagan (District 17). Kat has also served as a Policy Advisor and Legislative Aide. “As Chief of Staff to State Senator Kagan, I worked with government and nonprofit leaders to develop and promote policy initiatives that make Maryland a more equitable and advantageous place to live and do business,” said Attorney Kat Costain Patton. “I have extensive experience deciphering complex issues and bringing stakeholders together to implement solutions. I bring that collaborative approach to my work as a lawyer.”

Kat’s government experience is advantageous for business clients seeking an attorney with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the state of Maryland and local agencies. “I am passionate about helping clients to understand how the system works and the legal process itself. Through Quinn Patton’s HR Legal Services, we conduct HR audits and change policies and practices to ensure businesses comply with state and federal law.”

“The Quinn Law Group has always been a litigation firm. We have sued some of the largest organizations in the world and won. Through this new partnership and HR Legal Services offerings, we provide businesses with the tools they need to prevent the bad behavior and policy mistakes that lead to litigation. This is a cost-effective strategy that also protects employees,” said Quinn.

Quinn Patton offers no-cost legal consultations. To schedule, call 443-247-5444 or click here.

About Quinn Patton

Quinn Patton employment law firm
Quinn Patton employment law firm

Quinn Patton is based on one simple idea - Everyone deserves a measure of justice, and every client deserves an attorney who will work for them to achieve that goal. We have offices in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Washington State.

We offer no-cost virtual consultations in our primary practice areas of employment, business, real estate, disability, MSPB actions, and litigation.

Quinn Patton: We're a catalyst for change because we believe in being the change. Book a consultation here.

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