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Maryland Employment Lawyer Answers Common Business Questions

Maryland employment lawyers at the Quinn Law Group help businesses understand their legal options in complex employment situations. “Small business owners may not have a human resource department to handle hiring, coaching, writeups, and firing. This can lead to situations where a business does not handle employment situations appropriately, creating challenges for employees and liability for themselves,” said Don Quinn, Managing Partner. “We provide legal guidance, helping business owners to make decisions based on law and employment best practices.”

How a Maryland Employment Lawyer Answers Common Business Questions

Businesses in Maryland, the District, and Washington state can click here to schedule a free consultation with a business employment lawyer. This legal consultation will take place over the phone, making it convenient for small business owners to receive legal advice. You can also schedule a consultation by calling 443-247-5444.

Questions Businesses Ask an Employment Attorney

Business owners contact us regularly to ask questions about the following:

  • Advertising a job opening without being discriminatory

  • Making an employment offer

  • Determining how to give raises or promotions without being discriminatory

  • Writing up or disciplining employees

  • Firing employees

  • Handling worker’s compensation claims

  • Creating employee handbooks

  • Protecting the business against liability

  • Employment and client contracts

  • Responding to EEOC claims

We recommend that businesses speak with an employment attorney before making hiring, discipline, and firing decisions. Doing so will reduce the risk of making uninformed decisions that could violate the law.

You can schedule a consultation by calling 443-247-5444 or scheduling a legal consultation online.


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