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Sexual Harassment Training by an Attorney

Sexual harassment training offered by an attorney is one of the best ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. While it would be wonderful if an appeal to a person’s better nature would be sufficient to prevent sexual harassment - it isn’t. People who do not engage in harassing behavior will respond to a general request not to do so. By comparison, those who exhibit harassing behaviors, or are borderline, need to be told very clearly what is and is not appropriate.

Sexual Harassment Training by an Attorney

Having an attorney provide sexual harassment training in the workplace is an ideal solution because an attorney can present information on the law and provide examples of what is and is not considered to be sexual harassment legally. This can augment the information provided by human resources.

Another benefit of hiring an attorney to provide sexual harassment training is that an employment attorney is a witness to first-hand accounts of sexual harassment on a regular basis. “I receive calls on a regular basis from people who have been sexually harassed in the workplace. These stories are things that a typical HR manager may not think of, simply because it’s human nature to believe the best in people and to never consider these scenarios as possibilities,” said attorney Don Quinn. “Unfortunately, these things do happen. Exposing them, presenting examples, and discussing how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace is the wisest course of action for HR managers and employers looking to change their culture and keep their employees safe.”

Virtual and In-Person Sexual Harassment Training by an Attorney

The Quinn Law Group offers virtual and in-person sexual harassment training. This training should be given to managers first so that they can learn to identify the warning signs of sexual harassment, how to reduce opportunities for harassment in the workplace, and how to handle a complaint, whether formal or informal.

Next, virtual sexual harassment training should be made available to all employees with a requirement that they attend a virtual session. “Many companies are still using out-of-date HR videos where sexual harassment is incredibly overt, obvious, and in-person. Today’s sexual harassment scenarios don’t always look like that. Digital harassment over text or social media has become more common, as have in-person scenarios that are not overtly sexual but still harassment,” said Quinn.

Employers can protect themselves and their employees by proactively providing sexual harassment training by a licensed attorney. For more information on training solutions, contact the Quinn Law Group.

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