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Case Against a Parochial School Favorably Settled During EEOC Mediation

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Attorney Don Quinn represented a teacher in an employment discrimination case.

Baltimore, MD., December 1, 2022 – The Quinn Law Group has favorably settled an employment discrimination case against a Maryland parochial school. “We filed a discrimination and wrongful termination case with the Maryland EEOC,” said Don Quinn, Managing Partner, Quinn Law Group. “Teachers play a critical role in our society. They work long hours educating our youth and training the next generation to be productive citizens. Still, teachers are often treated poorly in the workplace and can be subject to discrimination. I represent teachers throughout Maryland and see these issues daily.”

After filing a complaint with the EEOC and preparing for a potential trial, the Quinn Law Group was able to successfully mediate the case and reach a resolution that was favorable to the teacher. “We favorably settled this wrongful termination case on behalf of our client. We achieved the best possible outcome for our client, making it easier for her to move forward,” said Quinn. “As a litigation law firm, we look for the most expedient and positive outcome for our clients.”

If you are a teacher and have been discriminated against in the workplace, or someone who would like to discuss another legal matter, schedule a free legal consultation with the Quinn Law Group.

About the Quinn Law Group

The Quinn Law Group is an employment law firm based on one simple idea - Everyone deserves a measure of justice, and every client deserves an attorney who will work for them to achieve that goal. Whether you have been wrongfully terminated or harassed, are a veteran or disabled person who has been denied their benefits, or are an employee looking to protect your rights and future, our goal is to come alongside you to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed.

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