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What Every Wrongful Dismissal Attorney Wants You to Know

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination cases often end up on the desk of an employment attorney. The Quinn Law Group regularly schedules consultations with people who have been terminated and want to know if they have a legal case or any recourse. While each case is different, and it’s always wise to speak with an attorney, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration with every case.

The below should be considered a guide to wrongful termination. After reading, schedule a FREE consultation (202-508-3644) to determine if you have a legal case.

Wrongful Dismissal: What You Need to Know

#1 Both Maryland and Washington D.C. have at-will employment laws.

“Employment at-will” means that an employer can fire an employee at any time and without notice. Likewise, an employee can quit at any time and without notice.

“At-will employment” can be frustrating for employees who feel that they have done everything they were supposed to do and were fired anyway and, from their perspective, without cause.

#2 Employers do not need to give you notice before firing you in Maryland or D.C.

That’s right - an employer can never write you up, give you no notice and fire you at any time.

#3 Discrimination is illegal, even in an at-will state.

If you have been terminated from your job, you could have a wrongful termination case. One of the keys is to determine if you were discriminated against. Were you treated differently from other employees? For example, were you the only female fired while all of your male colleagues kept their job? Were you treated differently due to your race, age, etc.? If so, you should speak with a wrongful termination attorney.

#4 Retaliation is also illegal.

Retaliation is also illegal. Since proving retaliation can be complicated, it’s best to speak with a wrongful dismissal attorney to see if your situation qualifies as being retaliatory.

#5 Protections are in place for people with disabilities.

Certain protections are in place to allow people with disabilities to work without being discriminated against. People who have a disability and were terminated for reasons related to that disability may also have a wrongful termination case.

There May Be Additional Reasons for a Wrongful Dismissal

Each employment situation is unique. The best way to determine if you have a wrongful dismissal case is to speak with an attorney. Time is of the essence because if you need to file an EEOC claim you only have 180 days from the time of the discrimination. Naturally, it takes time for an attorney to put this together so do not wait - schedule a FREE legal consultation as quickly as possible to discuss your case after being fired by calling 202-508-3644.

Keep in mind that this blog is for informational purposes only and not legal advice. For that, you need to speak with an attorney. Fortunately, the Quinn Law Group offers free consultations.

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