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Quinn Law Group Gets a Decision Against Baltimore City Schools

Attorney Don Quinn represented a former Baltimore City principal in an employment discrimination case.

Baltimore, MD., March 1st, 2023 – The Quinn Law Group has won a decision against the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners (“BCCB”). The firm represented a Baltimore City Schools former principal in an employment discrimination action against BCCB before the Maryland State Department of Education.

In the ruling, the Maryland State Department of Education wrote, “We find that the local Superintendent’s broad statutory power to transfer employees has limits” and ordered that our client be able to return to work. “This ruling makes it clear that local Superintendent’s do not have unlimited power and that the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners must act within the bounds of the law,” said Don Quinn, Managing Partner. “This is a clear victory for our client - a dedicated educator who has committed her life to educate and inspiring the next generation.”

The Quinn Law Group represented the former principal with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Maryland State Board of Education. “We represent a lot of teachers and education professionals who have been discriminated against at work, need a reasonable accommodation, or have suffered retaliation after complaining of unfair treatment. Working towards a just resolution is our top priority,” said Quinn.

If you are a teacher and have been discriminated against in the workplace or someone who would like to discuss another legal matter, schedule a free legal consultation with the Quinn Law Group.


About the Quinn Law Group

The Quinn Law Group is an employment law firm based on one simple idea - Everyone deserves a measure of justice, and every client deserves an attorney who will work for them to achieve that goal. Whether you have been wrongfully terminated or harassed, are a veteran or disabled person who has been denied their benefits, or are an employee looking to protect your rights and future, our goal is to come alongside you to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed.

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